University Imports Automotive

Yelp / DavisWiki

As some people know, there are several sites on the internet that one can go on and leave a review for future customers to read and gain sight into their possible experience with the reviewed business. Some of the more useful sites for the Davis area are Yelp, and Davis Wiki. What most people do not know is that when a business reaches a certain number of reviews, Yelp will contact said business and offer them ADVERTISING Services that they may not need, and if refused, Yelp will deliberately put the negative reviews towards the top leaving a good majority of the positive reviews going unseen. We have seen this happen to us recently. UIA Davis is a very friendly and honest business. We are aware that we make mistakes from time to time, but what the reviews do not show is our efforts to rectify any and all mistakes. We know who the negative reviewers are and know that we tried diligently to remedy any dissatisfaction from our customers. As a growing business we have come to the conclusion that you can satisfy a large majority of our customer basis, but every once and awhile you meet people that cannot be reasoned with, but that comes with the territory of the Service industry. UIA Davis asks that before making a snap judgment based off of a handful of disgruntled customers review, take the time and see how many of our customers have left with a smile on their face and their car back on the road

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